Banner Ad Pricing

Purchasing Guidelines

MyPE Ads are grouped according to size on MyPE and Partner Sites which, in turn determines the position:

  1. 150x150 - In the RHS Sidebar with a maximum of 28 allowed to rotate in the grid of 4 (above the fold).

  2. 160x600 - In RHS Sidebar plus floating with a maximum of 18 allowed to rotate (above and below the fold).

  3. 300x250 - In RHS Sidebar with a maximum of 12 allowed to rotate (below the fold).

An admin fee will apply to all ads paid for via EFT.

SAVE: NO admin fee is payable when paid online via 2Checkout or Paypal.

Partner sites include: MyPE, MyCapeTown, MyDurban, MyJHB, MyPTA, MyZA, MyCradock, MyAddo, MyPletthouse and MyPortElizabeth.

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